Podcast: Jeffrey Crabb, CEO Diamond C Trailers

Diamond C Trailers is Mount Pleasant’s fastest-growing manufacturer, growing employees 300% to a current 760 count since 2018 & more than doubling is operational acreage in the same time frame.

“Since 1985, Diamond C. Trailers has been a leader in building premium trailers, and they started right here in Mount Pleasant, Texas,” said CEO Jeffrey Crabb.

On this podcast episode, in partnership with MPEDC, Super Dave Quinn of ‘Gone to Texas’ talks with CEO Jeffrey Crabb about what it’s been like continuing his family’s legacy.

Thank you, Diamond C Trailers, for taking time out of your busy schedules to share your story with our community!

Looking to relocate or expand? Find out why Mount Pleasant is a great place to do business!

[Built for Work. Made for Play. Designed for You. – Diamond C]

MPEDC partnered with Day One Experts to showcase our two large manufacturing companies in Mount Pleasant, Texas. We hope you enjoy listening to and learning about them.

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MPEDC Sells Speculative Building

Mount Pleasant, Texas- Mount Pleasant Economic Development Corporation (MPEDC) is pleased to announce the sale of its first speculative building to RoadClippers, Inc (d.b.a. Diamond C Trailers). The 40,000 square foot, concrete tilt up shell is under finish-out construction at 450 Commerce Drive and is located on a 6.2 acre tract within the 200-acre Mount Pleasant Business Park along Interstate 30.

Diamond C Trailers has grown employment by nearly 300% since 2017, rapidly scaling from approximately 200 employees to about 720 team-members currently. The company expects to reach 900 employees by the end of 2022. Additionally, the company has made tens of millions of dollars in private investment in the community since 2018 through mergers and acquisitions and substantial facility and equipment expansions at four different sites in Mount Pleasant and one outside city limits.

“MPEDC is elated to be working with Diamond C, a family-owned, homegrown, and nationally respected firm,” said Nathan Tafoya, Executive Director of  MPEDC. “This was a win-win for the company and the community.”

Mr. Tafoya credited his predecessor, Charlie Smith, with his vision and implementation of a quality built speculative building.

“It is important to note that the speculative building did exactly what speculative buildings are supposed to do . . . reduce the time, cost, and risk to an industry firm considering relocating to, or expanding in, our community,” said Mr. Tafoya.  “In fact, a major decision factor in Diamond C’s purchase was the need to quickly locate a facility large enough to house a 2-story industrial laser being delivered from Europe, as well as locate a building that could facilitate current and future operations with adequate infrastructure already in place.” 

On December 8, 2021, the MPEDC met at a special called board meeting and approved the sale and assistance package to the company. Final approvals were made by City Council on January 4, 2022.

Diamond C purchased the speculative building for $1.8 million. In addition to more than $6 million in private investment in 2022 alone, the company will conservatively create 40 jobs at this facility within 12 months with an average wage of $20/hour. The purchased facility will house Diamond C Trailers’ Technology Advancement Center. Diamond C expects to expand the facility within the next 36 months, doubling its size to approximately 80,000 square feet.

To assist Diamond C’s hyper growth, including other multimillion dollar investments and significant job creation in the City of Mount Pleasant, MPEDC will provide $900,000 cash in the form of a forgivable loan with clawbacks. The forgivable loan is tied to a strict performance agreement.

“We are thankful for the partnership of the MPEDC and for the availability of this spec building, just in time for our laser delivery which is the beginning of a big step forward in technology for the growth and success of our team-members, customers, and community.  The team at this facility will utilize high-tech, automated metal cutting and forming machines along with robotic weld cells and automated material handling to manufacture small parts and assemblies to support our trailer manufacturing teams at other facilities with ultra-high quality parts, just in time.  We are thankful for the many incredible team-members and leaders that are making this progress possible!  It will be a positive force for good in Mt. Pleasant and beyond,” said Jeffery Crabb, CEO of Diamond C Trailers.

Diamond C was founded on the principles of #DoWork and #LoveStrong, extraordinary trailers, and extraordinary people.

For more information contact:

Nathan Tafoya, CEcD, EDP

MPEDC Executive Director



$25,000 Workforce Development Grant Awarded Towards CDL Training

July 6, 2021- At the July 6th City Council meeting, MPEDC received the final approvals needed to award a $25,000 Workforce Development Grant it co-developed with NTCC for its CDL training academy.

In late 2020, Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) launched its Professional Driving Academy, an educational training program intended to funnel students towards CDL licensing.

In 2021, NTCC reached an important milestone and became a certified testing/driving site for CDL licensing. Students in the region can now drive to Mount Pleasant to take their driving tests on a physical course.

The Mount Pleasant Industrial Development Corporation (also IDC or MPEDC) staff and board have created and approved a workforce development grant. The grant will be specific to the Professional Driving Academy and will be geared towards training community members for the logistics industry. MPIDC believes the grant will benefit both constituents and regional industry in addition to promoting NTCC as a quality institution. The grant will be made to NTCC and available to the community in the form of scholarships and financial assistance. The grant will only be available to constituents of Mount Pleasant and Titus County. MPIDC has a rich history of partnering with NTCC to meet industry needs. With all of Mount Pleasant’s local industry logistic activity and a national distribution center in a neighboring county, MPIDC believes this workforce development grant is a pragmatic, relatively simple, and next logical step towards increasing the skill set of our existing workforce for both current and future industry. The grant also supports one of NTCC’s newest and industry-relevant programs. 

MPEDC Hosts Mike Grella on a 3-day Listening Tour

Mount Pleasant Economic Development Corporation Hosts Mike Grella on a 3-day Listening Tour

Mount Pleasant, TEXAS- Mount Pleasant Economic Development Corporation (MPEDC) hosted Mike Grella, former Amazon executive, on a 3-day familiarization and listening tour from July 13-16, 2021. The MPEDC partnered with Grella Partnership Strategies to help structure an economic development-specific strategic plan, provide ongoing project support, and assist with marketing efforts for Mount Pleasant.

Mr. Grella met with various community leaders and stakeholders, including elected officials, manufacturing CEOs, education leaders, the city’s department heads and development team, and the Chamber of Commerce and economic development board of directors, to better understand Mount Pleasant’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Mr. Grella also toured four major manufacturing facilities in the city and attended dinners with financial institutions, real estate brokers, and community leaders.

Mr. Grella’s listening tour culminated in a community stakeholder debrief and feedback luncheon held July 16, 2021, at the Civic Center. At the debrief, Mr. Grella said he was impressed by the community’s ubiquitous support during the 3-day listening tour. Mr. Grella said, “Every time I’ve had a meeting, frankly, the bar has gotten a little bit higher.”

Mr. Grella noted Mount Pleasant’s ability to “punch above its weight class” and added that he was impressed with the city’s ~100,000 population retail trade area and positioning as a trade hub along Interstate 30. Mr. Grella said he especially loved Mount Pleasant’s strong coffee game and existing major industries presence. “Your existing industries are your biggest fans and third-party validators,” he said.

Mr. Grella emphasized how the world is changing and evolving rapidly, hence the importance of a strong partnership with the education sectors. Based on his conversations with K-12 and higher education leadership, Mr. Grella said Mount Pleasant is well-positioned to meet current and future workforce needs. Two noteworthy community assets and differentiators in Mount Pleasant were its excess water availability and electric reliability as one of the few areas in Texas connected to the Southwest Power Pool, not ERCOT, which has been the subject of significant criticism following a winter storm earlier in 2021.

With the increase in remote work, Mr. Grella noted that immediately identifiable drawbacks for the community were affordable workforce housing and better broadband service. These drawbacks, he said, were common concerns voiced across all community sectors during his tour.

Mike Grella has over 26 years of economic development experience as an attorney and advisor, helping communities and companies locate, grow, and thrive.

Mike began the first 17 years of his career serving hundreds of clients, including dozens of the world’s most recognized brands on economic development strategy and expansion transactions providing tax, legal, and financing advice.

In 2012 mike was recruited as amazon’s first global head of economic development. During his seven-year tenure with amazon and its cloud computing division amazon web services where he also served as director of infrastructure, Mr. Grella forged public/private partnerships responsible for more than $10 billion in capital investments, over 50 million of square feet of new development, and 100,000 new jobs in dozens of states and fifteen countries. Mike was also involved in amazon’s original agreement to establish operations in Texas, siting the company’s first facilities in Haslet, Coppell, and Schertz. In 2019, mike formed Grella Partnership Strategies (GPS), an economic development advisory firm helping organizations and communities become more prosperous by embracing cutting-edge technologies, resiliency, data analytics, environmental stewardship, diversity & inclusion, placemaking, and attracting talent for in-demand industries & occupations.

MPEDC Launches New Tool Designed to Assist Small and Emerging Business

Once of MPEDC’s biggest announcement during Economic Development Week was the launch of SizeUp, an empowering tool that provides markets research and business intelligence to help small and emerging businesses. The platform is free for the entire community.

SizeUp Mount Pleasant is a sophisticated business intelligence platform that allows small businesses to receive high quality data to help their company make better decisions around competitive benchmarking, customers, suppliers, even marketing and advertising. MPEDC’s tool is customized to include regional data from 11 surrounding communities to give our businesses the best comparative data possible. Temporary Link (will be on our website soon): https://mountpleasant.sizeup.com/

Mount Pleasant, small businesses can now access industry-specific and hyperlocal information to help them continue to grow and make smarter decisions using Big Data analysis. The research is individually customized for each company. By using the website service, small businesses are able to:

  1. Rank their business performance compared to industry competitors
  2. Discover potential customers, suppliers, and better understand their competitive landscape
  3. Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments

SizeUp Mount Pleasant helps to level the competitive business playing field by providing small businesses with similar market research that typically only large corporations can afford to access by contracting multinational management consulting companies or hiring internal research analysts.

Please look for the native version of the tool on our website in the Small Business section in the upcoming week.

MPEDC Wraps Up Economic Development Week 2021 with Announcements

MPEDC wrapped up the 2021 Economic Development Week (May 9-15) with TWO exciting announcements and some volunteerism:

1) ANNOUNCEMENT: Earlier this month, City Council voted to transfer a Revolving Loan Fund valued at $234,000 to MPEDC to assist small & emerging businesses. The fund had only been used once in the past 20 years. MPEDC is excited to put these funds to work! Stay tuned for official roll-out.
2) ANNOUNCEMENT: MPEDC teamed up with the AMAZING SizeUp team to roll out a new business intelligence tool to help small businesses. MPEDC’s tool is customized to include regional data from 11 surrounding communities to give our businesses the best comparative data possible. Temporary Link (will be on our website soon): https://mountpleasant.sizeup.com/. The tool will also be available in the Small Business section of our website.

3) VOLUNTEERISM: This week, all MPEDC staff volunteered with other community members to role play in the Chamber of Commerce’s “Nonprofit Day: Life Simulation” for the 2021 Mount Pleasant Leadership Class. The simulation is hosted by the National Credit Union & the Mount Pleasant Texas Chamber of Commerce to bring awareness to poverty & decision-making behavior of varying socio-economic groups under simulated financial pressures. What an empowering and eye-opening experience for our future community leaders! Mount Pleasant has an amazing nonprofit community! Thank you for the opportunity to participate, Mount Pleasant Texas Chamber of Commerce.


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