$25,000 Workforce Development Grant Awarded Towards CDL Training

July 6, 2021- At the July 6th City Council meeting, MPEDC received the final approvals needed to award a $25,000 Workforce Development Grant it co-developed with NTCC for its CDL training academy.

In late 2020, Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) launched its Professional Driving Academy, an educational training program intended to funnel students towards CDL licensing.

In 2021, NTCC reached an important milestone and became a certified testing/driving site for CDL licensing. Students in the region can now drive to Mount Pleasant to take their driving tests on a physical course.

The Mount Pleasant Industrial Development Corporation (also IDC or MPEDC) staff and board have created and approved a workforce development grant. The grant will be specific to the Professional Driving Academy and will be geared towards training community members for the logistics industry. MPIDC believes the grant will benefit both constituents and regional industry in addition to promoting NTCC as a quality institution. The grant will be made to NTCC and available to the community in the form of scholarships and financial assistance. The grant will only be available to constituents of Mount Pleasant and Titus County. MPIDC has a rich history of partnering with NTCC to meet industry needs. With all of Mount Pleasant’s local industry logistic activity and a national distribution center in a neighboring county, MPIDC believes this workforce development grant is a pragmatic, relatively simple, and next logical step towards increasing the skill set of our existing workforce for both current and future industry. The grant also supports one of NTCC’s newest and industry-relevant programs.