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Priefert’s 109, 200 sq ft. Powder Coat Facility

No time to waste & the growth continues! Super excited to showcase Priefert’s 2-month construction progress update. This 109, 200 sq ft. Powder Coat facility will be the largest single building built at one time by Priefert to date. Anticipated operation date: Q2 2023 Did you know Priefert currently operates

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Podcast: Rocky Christenberry, Vice President, Priefert

Priefert: This family-owned manufacturer is reinventing itself, investing millions into the local economy, & adding more than 50 jobs in 2022! “What has happened since the beginning of that headgate to where we are today just makes everyone’s head swirl,” stated Rocky Christenberry, Vice President. “Priefert has an incredible story

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Podcast: Jeffrey Crabb, CEO Diamond C Trailers

Diamond C Trailers is Mount Pleasant’s fastest-growing manufacturer, growing employees 300% to a current 760 count since 2018 & more than doubling is operational acreage in the same time frame. “Since 1985, Diamond C. Trailers has been a leader in building premium trailers, and they started right here in Mount

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MPEDC Sponsors 2022 TEDC Mid-Year Conference

June 2-24, 2022– MPEDC staff attended TEDC’s 2022 Mid-Year Conference in Corpus Christi. This conference includes numerous presentations on important economic development topics and challenges. Topics included: Innovative Workforce Ideas for Retention and Recruitment Efforts Business & Industry Collaboratives in Workforce Development The “Secret Sauce”: Intentionally Bringing Together the Worlds

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MPEDC Sponsors 2nd Annual Career and Training Expo

The EDC is proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual Career and Training Expo. Mount Pleasant’s award-winning Industrial Technology Training Center represents a multimillion-dollar partnership between the MPEDC, Northeast Texas Community College & Mount Pleasant High School to train the region’s existing and future workforce.

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