MPEDC Partners with Retail Coach

(Tupelo, Miss.) — Mount Pleasant is looking to expand their retail by partnering with The Retail Coach, the nation’s leading retail recruitment firm. Centrally located in the heart of Northeast Texas, along primary transportation routes, Mount Pleasant is home to a variety of manufacturing facilities, as well as diverse shopping and culinary options. More than 32,000 residents call Mount Pleasant and Titus County their home. Often referred to as the economic hub of Northeast Texas, the city has served as the county seat of Titus since 1848.


Over the past 100 years, Mount Pleasant has seen strong growth and, as a rural commercial center, has prospered. The region employees approximately 90,000. “We employ a great many persons from the four counties around us- that enhances our retail footprint and it is hard to sell to a retailer without empirical data to back it up. The Retail Coach gives us that data,” said Charles L. Smith, Executive Director of the Mount Pleasant Economic Development Corporation.


The Retail Coach’s goal will be to work closely with Mount Pleasant to target and recruit appropriate retailers and developers to the area. The first step in this process is to determine the town’s retail trade area, and using that information, the team will create retail profile reports and marketing tools to prepare the team and the city to best represent Mount Pleasant nationally to retailers, restaurants, and developers. The Retail Coach’s team will be led by Aaron Farmer, Director-Retail Strategy, and Project Manager, Kimberly Allred.


“The Retail Coach organization has a proven track record of accurately portraying a community, providing the information needed to help prospective retailers see the community.  They are well respected among retail chains and retail site locators.  They take the time to visit the community- boots on the ground if you will and they will visit with retailers and learn all they can about the community before publishing their work.  Another factor in this is the company is constantly seeking out new technology to improve their results- they have the tools and the talent,” said Smith.


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