MPEDC Launches New Tool Designed to Assist Small and Emerging Business

Once of MPEDC’s biggest announcement during Economic Development Week was the launch of SizeUp, an empowering tool that provides markets research and business intelligence to help small and emerging businesses. The platform is free for the entire community.

SizeUp Mount Pleasant is a sophisticated business intelligence platform that allows small businesses to receive high quality data to help their company make better decisions around competitive benchmarking, customers, suppliers, even marketing and advertising. MPEDC’s tool is customized to include regional data from 11 surrounding communities to give our businesses the best comparative data possible. Temporary Link (will be on our website soon):

Mount Pleasant, small businesses can now access industry-specific and hyperlocal information to help them continue to grow and make smarter decisions using Big Data analysis. The research is individually customized for each company. By using the website service, small businesses are able to:

  1. Rank their business performance compared to industry competitors
  2. Discover potential customers, suppliers, and better understand their competitive landscape
  3. Optimize advertising to target ideal customer segments

SizeUp Mount Pleasant helps to level the competitive business playing field by providing small businesses with similar market research that typically only large corporations can afford to access by contracting multinational management consulting companies or hiring internal research analysts.

Please look for the native version of the tool on our website in the Small Business section in the upcoming week.