MPEDC Commits $25,000 to the Chamber’s Utility Support Program

What is the Mount Pleasant / Titus County Chamber of Commerce Utility Support Program?

Mount Pleasant / Titus County Chamber of Commerce is a charitable fund, managed by the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has committed $25,000 to support small businesses in Mount Pleasant and Titus County. Citizens of Mount Pleasant and Titus County and the general public may also contribute to the fund to help sustain the growth of additional funding.

Who can submit a funding request to Mount Pleasant / Titus County Chamber of Commerce?

This utility support program was established to help small businesses in Mount Pleasant and Titus County that have been impacted by COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Priority will be given to businesses that have had to: close, lay off employees, limit operations to take-out, curbside, or delivery, or can show other direct, negative impacts that threaten the ability of the business to continue operations long-term.

To qualify for Mount Pleasant / Titus County Chamber of Commerce, the business must have a Mount Pleasant or Titus County Address and employ 30 full-time equivalent employees or fewer.
All funding requests will be reviewed by a Fund Oversight committee consisting of representatives of the City of Mount Pleasant, the Mount Pleasant Chamber, and the business community. The Committee will make a best faith effort to meet an applicant’s request, but all distributions will be contingent upon the degree of financial need, the timeliness of application submission and the availability of funds.

Funding will begin immediately to address the urgent needs of our community. As additional donations are received from the community, we hope to be able to extend the timeline for funding applications. Funding can be used for utility bills, such as gas, water/sewer, electricity, internet, and phone services.

How to demonstrate the financial impact?

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how the business has been negatively impacted. Applicants will need to list specific bill amounts and provide documentation of those business expenses by providing the invoice or bill. In addition, all businesses applying for funding must submit a current balance sheet.

What is the maximum funding request? Can I re-apply?

The maximum request for funding is limited to $1,000? for a 45-day period. After 45 days an applicant may submit another request provided funding is available.

How will funds be received?

Once a business has been awarded funding, that business will provide the necessary documentation to the Mount Pleasant / Titus County Chamber of Commerce to allow direct payments to vendors, landlords, etc. The Chamber will pay expenses directly on behalf of the funding recipient. The Chamber will not write a check directly to the business that has been awarded funding.

Application Process:

Visit to apply for the Utility Support Program.