Sweet Shop USA Stepping Up to the Cause with WAYMAKER Facial Shields

Our local chocolate factory is not only making chocolates but also turning its plastic box coverings into face shields.

This is an example of the extraordinary measures being taken by ordinary Texans and business owners to get personal protective equipment, known as PPE, into the hands of those who need it before supplies run out for those on the front lines of the outbreak.

Sweet Shop is answering the national call of duty & our community couldn’t be prouder. Sweet Shop is the largest handmade chocolate factory in the USA & converted the plastics typically seen over specialty cardboard boxes (think “truffles & chocolates see-though covers”) & pivoted into PPE, creating 50 new jobs in the past few weeks. By Monday, they will have shipped 250,000 faceshields as far as New York & as close as our own Titus Regional Medical Center. Sweet Shop has orders for 500,000 more shields & expects an additional order of 1 million, potentially creating 100 new jobs in a matter of months.

A special thank you to an unnamed company with whom we are working & Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development & Adriana Cruz & her team for working with MPEDC & Sweet Shop to quickly (1 day!!!) source multiple Texas-based plastics suppliers once traditional sources dried up. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Existing industry know MP has a very strong expansion program. In March 2020, MPEDC granted $50,000 to Sweet Shop for creating new jobs w/ a fudge company M&A whose operations were transferred to MP.
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Thank you Sweet Shop USA for stepping up to contribute to this cause!