Community-Wide Internet Infrastructure Availability Survey

ATTENTION Mount Pleasant & Titus County region! Help!

MPEDC is working with community leaders to bring high-speed, fiber internet to our community (including outlying, rural areas) & we need your help with our feasibility study. We are crowd-sourcing internet availability data via the first-ever, community-wide, internet availability survey done in our area. By completing the survey, you are helping us map our internet connectivity and coverage in a way that has never been done. Please participate. Be heard. Be the change you want to see.

WHAT IS THIS: Mount Pleasant Economic Development has partnered with an internet services and engineering company to make this survey a reality. The survey data only works if we fill it out as a community. Survey questions will be tied to the address you provide to give internet utilities the data they need to move forward in our community. Our survey’s coverage extends beyond Titus County. Every person counts!

WHY: We want to future-proof our community. Internet connectivity is paramount to economic growth. Today, businesses, families, schools, and communities at large rely on ‘connectivity’. From schoolwork and homework assignments, to work requirements and projects, to opportunities for remote-workers and entrepreneurs, the reach and potential of a high-speed internet connection is crucial to the success of any community.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE: You can find the survey online at (strongly preferred method) or at the Chamber of Commerce in paper form (English & Spanish). The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for helping us grow as a truly connected community!