Mount Pleasant city council

Main Street Revitalization Announcement

The Mount Pleasant Main Street Revitalization Low Interest Loan Program has been reviewed and renewed for the 2019-2020 year. This program is an incentive to encourage property and small business owners to rebuild and revitalize commercial buildings within the Main Street District. Any interested loan applicant will work directly with his or her lending institution of choice. More information is located at  Pictured are the financial institutions that have agreed to the proposal and the designated officers will serve as the contact person. These officers, pictured from left to right are: Cypress Bank – Barry Jones 903-572-9856 Guaranty Bank and Trust – Trent Abbott 903-572-9881 First Federal Bank – Ashley Amerson 903-577-1118 American National Bank – Sheila Donnelly 903-572-1776 Pilgrim Bank – Zach Ervin 903-575-2317 (not pictured) VeraBank – Joseph Harwell (903) 577-6900 Main Street Manager – Jacob Hatfield 


Mount Pleasant Texas Main Street

Main Street layout