Local Intel: Business Ideation, Planning, & Initial Contacts

Local Intel: Getting Started

When would I use this tool: Use this tool to assist with the Ideation and Planning stages of starting a business. Click on the “How-To” button to get a clear picture of the road ahead of you as a potential small business owner. Ask yourself curated tough questions, learn about creating a business plan, obtain information on the structure and registration of your business, apply for licenses and permits, and more. Users can perform high-level research in the “Indicators” & “Maps” section. Finally, use the “Connect” button to get contact information for small business resources.

 MPEDC is proud to sponsor the Business & Investment Assistant (BIA) from Local Intel below at no cost to community residents. 

Note: Site selectors & major industry prospects should contact MPEDC directly or review our Advanced GIS tool provided by GIS Planning.